Coping with uncertainty in times of Corona: pushing the context button!

People with autism need a lot of certainty and predictability. They are “precise minds in uncertain worlds“.
With the Corona virus the uncertainties have increased significantly. This can increase the stress and anxiety, certainly in people on the autism spectrum who already experience a lot of stress because of uncertainties in ‘normal’ life. On top of that, because of their ‘absolute thinking’ and ‘context blindness‘, autistic people will probably be quite absolute in taking in all the bad news that comes to us now. Therefore, it is recommended to counterbalance all the uncertainties with the certainties that still exist, even in times of Corona.

I made a short video about the importance of showing people on the autism spectrum there are still certainties is life. Pushing this context button is necessary to help them coping with all the uncertainties of the Corona-crisis.

Take care and be alert and supportive!

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