Corona tip: create playful Corona-challenges to fill up freetime and stay connected

Hard times for all of us who are quarantained or have to stay home.

Here’s a tip that keeps you (and/or your child) busy and keeps you connected to other people.

We don’t like Corona. That’s for sure. But hey, let’s bring in some humour, creativity and fun based on Corona!

Since a couple of months I am doing this Lego Challenge with a colleague and his young son. How does it work? Well, we both have a set of Lego bricks. The same set. I make something with it, take a picture of it and send it to my colleague and his son, together with a challenge.

I now made a Corona Lego Challenge. I made a ‘virus’ with Lego and gave it a name. Here’s the Flapinovirus:

Flapino virus

I challenged my colleague and his young son to make their own virus with Lego.

Try to find a playful Corona challenge and challenge other people around you. Or help your child to challenge his friends or peers. Try to connect the challenge to the interest and/or talents of your child or yourself ! It doesn’t have to be Lego bricks.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a joke about Corona
  • Make a Corona song (e.g. with Garageband)
  • Make a drawing about Corona
  • Make a stop-motion movie about Corona
  • Make a photo-collage about Corona
  • Dress yourself up as a virus
  • Find a funny Youtube video to cheer up people (there are lots of people uploading funny videos about how they survive being isolated or quarantained)

And if you think there’s already too much out there about Corona, the challenges don’t have to be around Corona. Yesterday, a girl in my street was playing hockey, trying to shoot the ball underneath a garden bench that her father had put in the middle of the street (there are no cars now, so it was safe). She was participating in a hockey challenge with the rest of her hockey team. They cannot have trainings or games, but they stay in touch with each other through challenges they give each other.

So, let’s challenge the Corona crisis by challenging each other. It gives us something to do and we stay connected.

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  1. Wow! What a creative idea. My son loves LEGO, I will include this challenge in his daily schedule. He will be thrilled.

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