Webinars in the coming weeks

Today, April 15th, I was supposed to fly to Canada. I was going to do a series of presentations and workshops in Canada (Halifax) and in the US (Florida and South Carolina). A small thing, actuall a very, very, very small but potentially dangerous thing interfered, a virus that is now crowned (pun intended) as king of a pandemic that holds the world in its grip.

But no worries. People are creative and find solutions. And technology can help a lot these days.

So, although all my presentations and workshops of the coming 2 months have been cancelled, I will do some of them as a webinar.

Yesterday, I did my first one about informing children and youngsters about their autism diagnosis for Studio 3. This webinar will soon be available for playback and the Powerpoint is already available.

Tomorrow, April 16th, I will be doing a webinar for Autisme Centraal (in Dutch) about psycho-education on friendship.

Next week will be very busy.

I will be doing a series of webinars for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD®) of the University of Florida. They replaced the workshops and seminars I was going to do next week by free webinars. There will be different topics: context blindness 2.0, sensory issues in autism, psycho-education on friendship and relationships, informing children about their diagnosis and one of my favourites: from neurodiversity to neuroharmony. Be aware that some of these webinars are already fully booked.

Also next week, I will be doing a webinar for Middletown Centre for Autism (Northern Ireland) about Promoting Leisure, Fun and Happiness.

So, for those of you who have had it with binge-watching Netflix series, there is now the opportunity to engage in some binge-watching of the bow tie man talking about different aspects of autism…

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