The Corona LEGO challenge

Three weeks ago I launched the Corona LEGO challenge.

Based on a Lego challenge I have been doing since a couple of months with colleague Kobe Vanroy and his son Lowie, I introduced the LEGO challenge to keep autistic (and other) children busy and stay connected in Corona times. Challenging their creativity (and their sense of humor) could be a an antidote against boredom and worries many of them have, I thought.

So, I made a ‘virus’ with LEGO and gave it a name, the Flapinovirus (see my blog post if you want to know how it looks like).

Danielle Wehrkamp, an autism consultant, and her colleagues from the Autism Program – Nipawin of the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Canada accepted the challenge and sent it out to families in their regional autism program. The children and youth had a blast with their creations and Danielle and her colleagues created an album with all the creations.

This is really amazing: a lot of creativity and humor!

The people from the Autism Program in Saskatchewan received lots of positive feedback related to the LEGO challenge and so have decided to extend a second challenge that I suggested in my orginal blog post to families in their program! They’ve now challenged children and families to send in their favorite jokes or create their own. The plan is to create a joke book to share a little humour.

Please let’s continue to use the Corona crisis to be creative in supporting children with autism and their families!

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