Staycation ended. Back to work!

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Staycation ended. Strange holiday this year: have to wear a face mask when cycling next to the beach, stayed in my bubble of 5 people, no restaurant visits or BBQ’s with friends, having to fill in a form before I could have a scoop of ice with my grandson or a beer with my wife, no fun shopping, having to queue and wait 25 minutes at the bakery in the morning…

But now it’s back to work!
Despite COVID-19 it’s going to be a busy autumn. I am writing again…so hopefully one or more books later this year. I am developing a train the trainer programme for the H.A.P.P.Y. project. With online and live courses.
And there will be an update of my website with new online materials, and later, online courses and webinars.

I am also preparing webinars for organisations all over the world, from the United States to India.

And to start with: a Facebook Live Q&A session for Scottish Autism about coping with uncertainty. On their website you will also find the resource I have written for Scottish Autism about coping with uncertainty

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