Your context

You have a context too. And probably one that is connected to autism. Otherwise, you would not be on my website. Your context could be that of a person who has a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, or a relative of such a person: a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a cousin, nephew, aunt or uncle, a child or maybe even a grandchild of a person diagnosed with autism. Or you could be professionally involved, as a teacher, a caretaker, a therapist, counsellor, job coacher, or….

It doesn’t matter what your context is, if you have a need for (better) information about autism, contact me. I can help in different ways: supervision or coaching (on the spot or online), Q&A via mail, chat or Skype, training, lecturing.

You know the context and you are the expert in your context.

So, you already have a lot to offer. What I can add to that is my +30 years of experience with autism, both academically and practically. You and me are the perfect context for more autism friendliness for the people in your and their context.