Autism Good Feeling Questionnaire

Autism and good feeling smallInstead of trying to prevent people with autism from having negative feelings we should develop strategies that foster and increase positive feelings.

In 2014 I wrote an article for the journal Good Autism Practice: The practice of promoting happiness in autism.  In that article I describe some autism friendly tools to assess sources of well-being, positive feelings and happiness in autistic people. One of them is a questionnaire I developed in 2014: The Autism Good Feeling Questionnaire. 

The original Dutch version has been made available (for free) a couple of years ago on the website of Autisme Centraal. Those of you looking for the Dutch version can still find it here.
The Questionnaire has now been translated into different languages. You can download them for free. I would appreciate if you would send me feedback and inform me how you work with it, what the effects are and how the Questionnaire could be improved.

Different versions of the Autism Good Feeling Questionnaire. Clicking will open the Questionnaire in a new tab:




Vermeulen, P. (2014). The practice of promoting happiness in autism – in: Jones, G. & Hurley, E. (Eds), Good Autism Practice: Autism, happiness and wellbeing. (pp. 8-17). Birmingham: BILD Publications.