What people say about Peter Vermeulen:

Peter has a gift for breaking it down in such practical terms.
George, USA

As an Education Assistant and parent of a child with Autism, I found Peter connected not only to what is happening in the brains of individuals with Autism but also to what parents and teachers need to know in order to teach and support effectively both at home and in our school environments.
Kay, Perth, Australia

Peter is very easy to listen to and explains complex topics in a very easy to understand way.
Kenny, OT, USA

Best presentation graphics ever! Feel like I understand the ASD student in a more in-depth way. I feel so much smarter! Thank you.
Tracee, USA

Dr. Vermeulen captures the complexity of the concept of “context blindness” and communicates about this topic with such ease. It all seems so obvious, except it’s not!
D, Family and Marriage Therapist

“Pushing the Context button shall be the mantra for teaching. Thanks for the Amazing session!”
B., India

Peter is a charismatic and knowledgable presenter.
I could listen to him all day!

Emma, UK
Evaluation from a webinar organized by Autism Resource Centre, Singapore.