Peter presents

COVID-19 may interfere with my international travels, but that does not mean I am unable to share my newest ideas, developments and products with the world. Due to the COVID-19 crisis all my live presentations in 2020, except a few have been cancelled. You can see the cancelled events here. But, I will be doing a lot of webinars instead. And in the near future I will be offering online courses on this website!

Future presentations:


  • 13 January 2021: Autism as context blindness. Loddon school, Hampshire, UK.
  • 6 February: Happy learners: autism, well-being and lifelong learning. Redefining the outcomes. Online presentation for Autism Finland.
  • 10 February: Managing free time in autism. Online presentation for ARC Singapore.
  • 25 February: Neurodiversity @ work. Coping with autistic characteristics in the technical world. Online webinar, The Netherlands.
  • 11 March: Coping with uncertainty. Online presentation for National Autistic Society, UK.

Past presentations

It is impossible to list all the workshops, lectures and presentations I’ve given in the past 30 years, so I limit the list to the presentations I gave at international conferences.

Lectures given at international conferences

1992, May 8-10: Den Haag, The Netherlands: 4th Autism-Europe International Congresss: Autism in the family.

1996, May 3-5: Barcelona, Spain: 5th Autism-Europe International Congress: Stress in parents of a child with ASD.

2000, May 19-21: Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 6th Autism-Europe International Congress: Psycho-education in autism.

2003, Nov 14-16: Lisboa, Portugal: 7th Autism-Europe International Congress: Autism and emotions.

2004, Nov 10-12: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Psycho-education and autism: “I am Special”.

2006, Oct 25-27: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Counselling with people with ASD.

2007, Aug 31 – Sep 2: Oslo, Norway: 8th Autism-Europe International Congress: Empowerment and autism.

2008, Oct 30 – Nov 2: Cape Town, South Africa: World Autism Congress: Autism and imagination.

2010, Oct 8-10: Catania, Sicily: 9th Autism-Europe International Congress: Contextualizing strategies in autism.

2010, Nov 3-5: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Context blindness and autism.

2012, Oct 24-26: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Intimate relationships  and autism.

2013, Sep 26-28: Budapest, Hungary: 10th Autism-Europe International Congress: Autism and midlife; Autism and happiness; Autism and intimate relationships

2015: Montréal, Quebec, Canada: Quebec Gold Conference: Autism as context blindness

2015: Brisbane, Australia: Asia Pacific Autism Conference APAC15: Autism and intimate relationships; Autism and happiness

2016, Jan 15-17: Herning, Denmark: 2. International World Autism Conference: Autism and happiness

2016, Sep 16-18: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: 11th Autism-Europe International Congress: Autism: redefining outcomes

2016, Oct 31 – Nov 2: Göteborg, Sweden: First Annual European Summit on non-punitive, non-adversarial interventions for at-risk kids: Context blindness and the Socrautic method

2016, Nov 17-19: León, Spain: XVIII AETAPI Conference (Asociación Española de Profesionales del Autismo): Autism as context blindness; Autism and happiness

2017, March 16, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Enquire National Conference: Autism and happiness

2017, Sep 07: Sydney, Australia: Asian Pacific Autism Conference APAC17: Autism: from neurodiversity to neuroharmony

2017, Nov 16: Columbus (Ohio), USA: OCALICON: Autism and happiness

2017, Dec 01: Sevilla, Spain: Congresso Sevilla Autismo: Autism as context blindness

2018, Jan 19: New York City (NY), USA: NESTCON: Autism as context blindness

2018, Feb 22-23: Perth, Australia: Autism WA: Autism as context blindness: masterclass

2018, Feb 26-27: Adelaide, Australia, Autism SA: Autism: masterclass

2018, Oct 25: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre for Autism International Conference: Autism and the predictive mind. 

2018, Oct 25: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre for Autism International Conference: Autism and happiness: mission (im)possible? 

2018, Oct 30: Göteborg, Sweden: The Third Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids: The predictive mind and autism: context blindness 2.0.  

2018, Nov 8: Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 50th anniversary conference Scottish Autism: From neurodiversity to neuroharmony: plea for a smaller but stronger autism.

2019, Jan 19: Orlando (FL), USA: 26th CARD conference (Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities): Autism and the predictive mind. 

2019, Jan 19: Orlando (FL), USA: 26th CARD conference (Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities): Autism and Happiness: Mission (Im)possible?

2019, 7 March: Autism, the predictive mind and sensory issues. 10th National Autistic Society Professionals Conference, Birmingham, UK.

2019, 7 March: From neurodiversity to neuroharmony. Having a meaningful life with autism. 10th National Autistic Society Professionals Conference, Birmingham, UK.

2019, 29 April: Autism and relationships. SIKON Konference, Odense, Denmark.

2019, 19 June: Masterclass: Autism: building relationships. Singapore.

2019, 21 June: Autism and neuroharmony: well-being accross the life span. APAC19: Asian Pacific Autism Conference, Singapore.

2019, 22 June: Context blindness, learning and employment APAC19: Asian Pacific Autism Conference, Singapore.

13 – 15 September 2019: Access to education. 12th Autism Europe Congress, Nice, France.

22 September 2019: From neurodiversity to neuroharmony. Plea for a smaller but stronger autism. Cork Autism Conference, Cork, Ireland.

17 January 2020: Autismus als Kontekstblindheit. Autismus und  Glück. Autismus Therapie Zentrum, Mönchengladbach, Germany.

24 February 2020: Autism, happiness and well-being. Ambitious about Autism, London, UK.

First you will get a glimpse of my most important past presentations. Just to give you an idea what I can talk about. Please scroll down to see where I will present in the coming months.