Peter presents

COVID-19 may interfere with my international travels, but that does not mean I am unable to share my newest ideas, developments and products with the world. Due to the COVID-19 crisis all my live presentations in 2020, except a few have been cancelled. You can see the cancelled events here. But, I will be doing a lot of webinars instead. And in the near future I will be offering online courses on this website!

Future presentations:


  • 23 September: Webinar for Middletown Centre for Autism (Northern Ireland / Ireland): Fostering Wellbeing in the School and Classroom 
  • 10 October: Webinar for Action for Autism (India): Context Blindness and Learning.
  • 14 October: Live presentation, Zeeland (The Netherlands): Autisme en geluk: Mission Impossible? (Autism and happiness: mission impossible)
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  • 22 October: Webinar for Lives in the Balance Children’s Mental Health Webinar (USA): The Predictive Mind and Autism
  • 18 November: Webinar for Autism Resource Center (Singapore): Free time management in autism
  • 30 November : Webinar for Pedagogiskt Perspektiv (Sweden): Autism: Absolute Thinking in a Relative World. Context Blindness 2.0
  • 7 December : Webinar for Pedagogiskt Perspektiv (Sweden): Are Sensory Issues in Autism Sensory?
  • 14 December : Webinar for Pedagogiskt Perspektiv (Sweden): Autism and happiness: from neurodiversity to neuroharmony

Past presentations

It is impossible to list all the workshops, lectures and presentations I’ve given in the past 30 years, so I limit the list to the presentations I gave at international conferences.

Lectures given at international conferences

1992, May 8-10: Den Haag, The Netherlands: 4th Autism-Europe International Congresss: Autism in the family.

1996, May 3-5: Barcelona, Spain: 5th Autism-Europe International Congress: Stress in parents of a child with ASD.

2000, May 19-21: Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 6th Autism-Europe International Congress: Psycho-education in autism.

2003, Nov 14-16: Lisboa, Portugal: 7th Autism-Europe International Congress: Autism and emotions.

2004, Nov 10-12: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Psycho-education and autism: “I am Special”.

2006, Oct 25-27: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Counselling with people with ASD.

2007, Aug 31 – Sep 2: Oslo, Norway: 8th Autism-Europe International Congress: Empowerment and autism.

2008, Oct 30 – Nov 2: Cape Town, South Africa: World Autism Congress: Autism and imagination.

2010, Oct 8-10: Catania, Sicily: 9th Autism-Europe International Congress: Contextualizing strategies in autism.

2010, Nov 3-5: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Context blindness and autism.

2012, Oct 24-26: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre International Autism Symposium: Intimate relationships  and autism.

2013, Sep 26-28: Budapest, Hungary: 10th Autism-Europe International Congress: Autism and midlife; Autism and happiness; Autism and intimate relationships

2015: Montréal, Quebec, Canada: Quebec Gold Conference: Autism as context blindness

2015: Brisbane, Australia: Asia Pacific Autism Conference APAC15: Autism and intimate relationships; Autism and happiness

2016, Jan 15-17: Herning, Denmark: 2. International World Autism Conference: Autism and happiness

2016, Sep 16-18: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: 11th Autism-Europe International Congress: Autism: redefining outcomes

2016, Oct 31 – Nov 2: Göteborg, Sweden: First Annual European Summit on non-punitive, non-adversarial interventions for at-risk kids: Context blindness and the Socrautic method

2016, Nov 17-19: León, Spain: XVIII AETAPI Conference (Asociación Española de Profesionales del Autismo): Autism as context blindness; Autism and happiness

2017, March 16, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Enquire National Conference: Autism and happiness

2017, Sep 07: Sydney, Australia: Asian Pacific Autism Conference APAC17: Autism: from neurodiversity to neuroharmony

2017, Nov 16: Columbus (Ohio), USA: OCALICON: Autism and happiness

2017, Dec 01: Sevilla, Spain: Congresso Sevilla Autismo: Autism as context blindness

2018, Jan 19: New York City (NY), USA: NESTCON: Autism as context blindness

2018, Feb 22-23: Perth, Australia: Autism WA: Autism as context blindness: masterclass

2018, Feb 26-27: Adelaide, Australia, Autism SA: Autism: masterclass

2018, Oct 25: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre for Autism International Conference: Autism and the predictive mind. 

2018, Oct 25: Toronto, Canada: Geneva Centre for Autism International Conference: Autism and happiness: mission (im)possible? 

2018, Oct 30: Göteborg, Sweden: The Third Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids: The predictive mind and autism: context blindness 2.0.  

2018, Nov 8: Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 50th anniversary conference Scottish Autism: From neurodiversity to neuroharmony: plea for a smaller but stronger autism.

2019, Jan 19: Orlando (FL), USA: 26th CARD conference (Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities): Autism and the predictive mind. 

2019, Jan 19: Orlando (FL), USA: 26th CARD conference (Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities): Autism and Happiness: Mission (Im)possible?

2019, 7 March: Autism, the predictive mind and sensory issues. 10th National Autistic Society Professionals Conference, Birmingham, UK.

2019, 7 March: From neurodiversity to neuroharmony. Having a meaningful life with autism. 10th National Autistic Society Professionals Conference, Birmingham, UK.

2019, 29 April: Autism and relationships. SIKON Konference, Odense, Denmark.

2019, 19 June: Masterclass: Autism: building relationships. Singapore.

2019, 21 June: Autism and neuroharmony: well-being accross the life span. APAC19: Asian Pacific Autism Conference, Singapore.

2019, 22 June: Context blindness, learning and employmentff6900 APAC19: Asian Pacific Autism Conference, Singapore.

13 – 15 September 2019: Access to education. 12th Autism Europe Congress, Nice, France.

22 September 2019: From neurodiversity to neuroharmony. Plea for a smaller but stronger autism. Cork Autism Conference, Cork, Ireland.

17 January 2020: Autismus als Kontekstblindheit. Autismus und  Glück. Autismus Therapie Zentrum, Mönchengladbach, Germany.

24 February 2020: Autism, happiness and well-being. Ambitious about Autism, London, UK.

First you will get a glimpse of my most important past presentations. Just to give you an idea what I can talk about. Please scroll down to see where I will present in the coming months.